Your guide to domain name and pricing is here.

11 September 2021 Mayank Verma

Most businesses have a web presence today. If you’re a business looking to go online and are unaware of the web terms, this guide is for you. How does one get started with building websites? What are domain names and servers? How much does maintaining a website cost? Here’s answering all that and more.

What is a domain?

A domain, in the simplest terms, is like a digital address to your website. It’s the address that you type in your browser to reach a website of your choice. The domain names are also the name your visitors mostly know you by. As such, the domain name almost always corresponds to the name of the business.

Why is domain name important?

Given how synonymous domain names are to businesses, it is therefore essential to look for the availability of domain names before registering your business. Remember, a domain name is always unique, and you need to find if what you’re looking for is already registered. If, for example, the domain name isn’t available, you might want to opt for a different business name.

What makes a good domain name?

The next question is: How do you structure a good domain name? What should be the extension of your website? A generic, easy-to-understand domain name would make the best one for SEO. However, it doesn’t always have to be that simple.

A “good” domain name is subject to the niche of your business, length of the domain, use of special characters, extension, etc. Sometimes, there can be niche extensions like .pets, .kitchen, .shop, etc. Again, an optimal web domain depends on numerous factors.

How much do domains cost?

If you’re a new business owner, cheap domain names would be your best bet for an internet presence. While most domains barely cost anything, maintaining a website isn’t just about it. There are additional and more significant costs associated with hosting and security. Here’s a more detailed resource for learning more about the pricing and every other info to get your website up and running.

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