Inspecting your new windows after cleaning

10 August 2021 Anindya Mutsuddy
Inspecting your new windows after cleaning

Proper maintenance for your new windows is key in prolonging their longevity and their service life. Cleaning your new windows is one of the steps in the maintenance process. The next step is to give the windows a proper inspection after you’re done cleaning. Window inspection are key in detecting potential issues. As with other fixtures and components in your beloved home, the longer you sit on a problem, the worse it gets.

The inspection checklist

There are a lot of things to inspect. Do note that this is not really a step by step process, rather a checklist of the components we need to check. 

The hardware

It goes without saying that most windows are not static, or fixed in one position. They have a lot of moving parts. Thus, inspecting all of the moving parts in your new window is key in increasing their functional life. 

So, do check for any nicks, dings or even scratches in the moving parts of your window, that could potentially impair the window’s functionality.

The panes

If you have double glazed or even triple glazed windows, the first thing you ought to check for are moisture or condensation leaks. We check for condensation between the panes themselves. If you spot condensation, it could be an indication of worn down seals, or broken seals altogether. Additional info on glazed windows is available on-site.

The casing and seals

Surprisingly, your window panes are not the first line of defense against the outside world. That responsibility goes to the window casings and seals. The quality of the seals and the window casings are the main determinants of the comfort and overall energy efficiency of your home. A breach in the seals or casing can lead to moisture leaks, which in turn could lead to accumulation of mold and mildew.

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